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About Us

Evolution Cloud Accounting is an award winning cloud-based bookkeeping and accounting software specialist firm located in Sydney, which provides high-quality bookkeeping, consulting and training services to small businesses.  

At Evolution Cloud Accounting, we understand that every business is different, therefore we provide an extensive range of  Accounting Management services including: basic bookkeeping, BAS services, Xero/MYOB software set up, consulting and training, all the way to CFO level strategic work. We pride ourselves on being able to help our clients at a fixed price that won’t break their budget. We are registered BAS agents and Certified Xero and MYOB Consultants. We are committed to support all types of small businesses whether they want to take their bookkeeping in house, outsource it to us or just delegate some tasks. 

When approaching our clients' work, our goals are very simple: 

  • We want small business owners to use these software solutions as a tool to improve their business instead of something they struggle with on a daily basis 
  • We aim to improve the efficiency of their daily tasks and processes by eliminating data entry, spreadsheets and excessive admin tasks 
  • We help them create a centralized paperless environment where all the information is accessible in one place available from anywhere, anytime. 
  • We help them create transparency towards their financial information so they can make sound business decisions based on facts and figures, not assumptions. 
  • We help them save time from working on admin tasks to working on growing their business, so they can make a difference in their marketplace. 

So what type of business are you?  

  1. I want to take my bookkeeping in house 
  2. I want to outsource my bookkeeping 
  3. I want to outsource SOME of my bookkeeping 
  4. I want a better understanding of my business 

Do it Yourself - I want to take my bookkeeping in house

Some businesses simply want to take care of their own books, they may try to save some money by employing family members to help them or want to be proactive when taking care of their financial needs.  

We want to look after our books, but where do we start?  

What is the right accounting software for our business? 

Choosing the right accounting software for your company is probably one of the most important decision you will be making for your business. Choose the wrong application and you will be spending hours trying reconcile your books manually or you may end up spending money towards functionalities you don't even need. This is where you can use our expertise: we can help you choose the best software solutions for your individual budget and requirements. 

We purchased the software but how do we set it up? 

Small accounting software applications like MYOB or Xero can truly provide remarkable results for small businesses. The key is to set them up correctly, the set up should be tailored to your industry type (a building company would a need a completely different set up than a child care), employment agreements (different agreements involve different legislation) and other financial requirements. Learning these skills may be expensive and time consuming. Furthermore, when would you ever need to set up another accounting software again? 

At Evolution Cloud Accounting we believe we can provide a bridge between the software companies and small business to improve their experience. We have helped hundreds of businesses set up their accounting software on the cloud, tailored to their specific requirements and industry standards, so they can work with a solid and reliable platform.  

We have no bookkeeping experience, how can we learn? 

You have made the decision to take your bookkeeping in house, your wife is helping you with the books, but she has never done any bookkeeping before. That's great! However, you can't expect a person with no training and experience to do a good job. Everyone needs some help and support, particularly at the beginning of a new journey. 

Have you tried learning a new software from a bunch of YouTube videos before?  

Once your software is set up we will then provide you with face to face training, at your place of business (whether this is an office or even if you work from home). 

At Evolution Cloud Accounting we are not just certified bookkeepers and Xero/MYOB consultants, we are also tertiary qualified software training specialists. We have been implementing software applications and training small businesses for over 15 years! We can facilitate your software implementation with individual training, support and project management. 



Want to take your bookkeeping in house and need help with initial set up and training?  

view our Do It Yourself packages


Do it for You - I want to outsource my bookkeeping

According to a recent estimate, outsourcing accounting work can reduce your business cost by as much as 30%. Hiring a specialist firm like us will lower your business costs and contribute towards long term and sustainable financial stability. Having your books in top shape is an achievement that can help your business function smoothly and provide grounds for sound business decisions. At Evolution Cloud Accounting, we are fully committed to support your business by performing the critical accounting functions that keep you financially solvent and compliant with ATO regulations and relevant industry standards. 

We offer proven expertise across all areas of bookkeeping, compliance and cloud technology. By engaging us you will have: 

  • highly qualified, experienced professionals with invaluable knowledge to support you. 
  • more time to run your business without having to think about all the numbers.  
  • precise and compliant financial information at your fingertips. 

I need my payroll done every week and my super paid on time 

We know payroll management can be very difficult to stay on top of, with tax rates changing every year and all the complexities of leave accruals, superannuation and Single Touch Payroll making things even harder. We can relieve you from this stressful process. 

We will establish the most efficient and effective process for your business, and we will take care of your Single Touch Payroll declaration to the ATO for you. Pay slips will be forwarded to your employees, your super will be paid regularly, whilst keeping an eye on your cashflow. Finally, we will deal with your PAYG obligations to the ATO.  

I need my GST lodged every quarter 

Completion, review and lodgment of your Business Activity Statement (BAS) is a standard part of our bookkeeping packages. We make sure your ATO deadlines are met on time, every time. We thoroughly perform various checks of your data before sending the BAS for approval to lodge. 

Evolution Cloud Accounting is a registered BAS agent. We are able to lodge your IAS & BAS statements electronically via our online portal, plus we can guarantee an automatic 4 weeks extension on lodging and paying your quarterly statements. 


What if I need help paying my GST? 

Once you outsource your bookkeeping to us, we will become your BAS representative to the ATO. The ATO will contact us with any issues with your GST or PAYG and we can organise payment plans to meet your GST obligations when your cash flow is low.  


Want to outsource your bookkeeping?  

View our Do It for You packages

Somewhere in between - I want to outsource SOME of my bookkeeping

By adopting this business model, we aim to operate as an extension of your internal staff, looking after your compliance needs and complex bookkeeping tasks. These packages require no commitment, when you need support, you can contact us and we'll be there at your side. You will have access to our expertise, but you will only pay for the experts when you need it. 

We take care of our bookkeeping in house but we want to make sure our GST and PAYG are correct. 

You want to save some money and taking the simpler bookkeeping tasks in house (Receivable, Payables and Bank Reconciliation), even your payroll is straightforward. However, when it comes to lodging your GST and PAYG obligations you want to make sure what you do is right. 

Our Peace of Mind packages were designed for those businesses who wish to manage the bulk of their bookkeeping in house to control costs. However, they require the assistance of a professional to ensure their Activity Statements are lodged timely and accurately. The peace of mind packages include: basic monthly/quarterly audit of your accounts, tax liability reconciliations and lodgment (or review for lodgment) of your Business Activity Statement to the ATO. It's an easy monthly/quarterly fixed price package which ensures your books are correct prior dealing with the ATO. 

We take care of our bookkeeping in house but our knowledge is limited, we need help with things get difficult. 

Our Tough Bits packages have been designed for those businesses who wish to manage the bulk of their bookkeeping in house to control costs. However, they require the assistance of a professional when they need to deal with complex bookkeeping tasks. These include: 

  • Purchase of complex fixed assets (vehicles and equipment) subject to depreciation 
  • Complex payroll transactions (termination, redundancies, leave over shut down periods) 
  • End of Payroll year tasks (Payment Summaries and Taxable Payments Annual Reports) 
  • End of Financial Year tasks (working with the accountant to finalise your Income Tax return) 


Let's Talk Business - I want a better understanding of my business

Compliance is the foundation of a business' financials. This involves: entering data timely and accurately, lodging your tax obligations on time, paying your employees correctly and, finally complying to your Industry standards. However, up to date and accurate financial data can also represent an incredible investment for a business and its financial longevity.  

Many small business owners work hard in getting clients and focus their attention exclusively on sales. But high volume sales don't always guarantee the wellbeing of a business. A business is healthy when it makes profit and when it has positive cash flow

So if you’re busy and make lots of money, but don’t have any in the bank. We can help you make sense of the numbers, and identify inefficiencies. 

Let's talk business is a service created to ensure small businesses have the best chance of meeting their goals when they’re armed with high level financial information and insights. 


So are you ready to talk business?  

View our Let's talk business packages.