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Do it yourself – Setting Up & Consulting 

The implementation of cloud technology has allowed the introduction of a wide range of business apps into the Marketplace. The cost of automation software is no longer restricted to an elite of large corporations. It is now available to businesses of all sizes for an accessible cost. However, small businesses are now facing a new set of challenges: 

  • selecting the correct app for their business requirements from an overwhelming number of choices; 
  • gaining skills to set up these apps from training mostly available via a number of (often ineffective) online videos; 
  • keeping up to date with constant upgrades and new features;  
  • finding knowledgeable ongoing support and coaching after their implementation. 

Our Do It Yourself packages have been designed to help you overcome the challenges of choosing, setting up and learning new software applications. We can help you identify the correct software applications for your business, audit your current file, set up a new Xero or MYOB AccountRight file and finally provide you with face to face training on site. 


Set Up & Go 

The Set Up and Go package is designed for those businesses who want to take care of their bookkeeping tasks in house but they don’t have the skills or time to set up their accounting package correctly. These may be start-ups or businesses who are using an old desktop accounting software and wish to transition to the cloud. 


On Site Coaching 

The On Site coaching package is suitable for businesses who are working with existing software packages and they may need ad hoc fine tuning, coaching or troubleshooting. Book an appointment and have your list of questions ready for us. We can fix issues, provide tailored training or help you out with creating workflows. 


Health Check 

The Health Check package audits the structure of both set up and general use of your MYOB AccountRight or Xero software to assess the integrity of your company file. It also checks how your transactions have been entered in order to identify data discrepancies. The Health Check covers specific areas of your company file: set up, account structure, data management, account balances and inaccuracies. You will be provided with a range of comprehensive reports highlighting the status of your company file, showing evidence of the discrepancies assessed and a proposal outlining time and cost to rectify them. 


Do It For you – Bookkeeping Packages 

We have developed a fixed monthly price package for our clients.  Our Do It for You packages are designed to support small businesses at various stages of their bookkeeping needs. Thanks to Cloud Technology we can walk away from hourly billing into a more transparent set monthly price, this allows you to easily budget your monthly bookkeeping costs: no hidden fees, no scary surprises.  


Top to Bottom 

The Top to Bottom package is designed for those businesses who wish to delegate their bookkeeping tasks to a professional.  This service is particularly useful for those businesses who just don’t want the headache of hiring and taking responsibility for the financial operations of their business. We can manage all your accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll processing for you. We will keep you appraised at all stages of your financial situation with regular reports and advice Over the years we've streamlined our systems to ensure that all of these functions operate as smoothly as possible, with minimal time and input required on your part. 


Somewhere in between – Peace of Mind Packages 

Technology enhancements have allowed businesses to save from employing full time resources to complete ongoing and repetitive bookkeeping tasks. Many small business owners try to manage all aspects of their business, but their lack of expertise makes them struggle especially when dealing with more complex accounting tasks. We have developed packages designed for you to take advantage of our accounting expertise You will have access to our expertise, but only when you need it, no ongoing commitment!  


Peace of Mind 

The Peace of Mind package is designed for those businesses who wish to manage the bulk of their bookkeeping tasks in house to control costs. However, they require the assistance of a professional to ensure their Activity Statements are lodged timely and accurately. The peace of mind package includes: basic monthly/quarterly audit of your accounts, tax liability reconciliations and lodgment (or review for lodgment) of your Business Activity Statement to the ATO. 


The Tough Bits 

The Tough Bits package is designed for those businesses who wish to manage the bulk of their bookkeeping tasks in house to control costs. However, they require the assistance of a professional when they need to deal with complex bookkeeping tasks. These include: 

  • Purchase of complex fixed assets (vehicles and equipment) subject to depreciation 
  • Complex payroll transactions (termination, redundancies, leave over shut down periods) 
  • End of Payroll year tasks (Payment Summaries and Taxable Payments Annual Reports) 
  • End of Financial Year tasks (working with the accountant to finalise your Income Tax return) 



Let's Talk Business – Advisory 

Let's Talk Business packages have been designed to make sure you get the information and insights you need to make smart business decisions. With our advisory services, you can have expert managerial accounting advice at a fraction of the cost of having a full-time financial controller. Spreadsheets are an outdated concept that is simply too difficult and time consuming to use. Cloud technology allows us to transform your accounting data into accounting intelligence in real time. We can help you transform the relationship you have with your data with our decision making reporting tools.  


We can provide you with: 

  • Intelligent visual dashboards to gain better insights on your business performance, monitor and forecast your cash flow 
  • An easy and effective way to monitor your business KPI by receiving timely alerts when you achieve your  goals or when you are overspending on your budget. 
  • Performance reports to help you measure both your financials and non-financial metrics 
  • The ability to consolidate multiple sub-businesses into one coherent group reporting 




There's a lot more about your business than just looking at the numbers, financial reporting tells the story about your business. The Results package is designed to help our clients gain a better insight on their business. It includes the development of: 

  • Intelligent visual dashboards to gain better insights on your business performance 
  • Performance reports to help you measure both your financials and non-financial metrics 
  • Quarterly meetings to help you understand your business performance and cash flow situation 


Results & Projections 

Predictions are the future of the industry, using data to forecast where your clients might be in a year, two years, or beyond to give them a clearer look at their long-term financial future. Once we’ve worked out where you want to go, we’ll help create the roadmap that will get you there. This strategic business package includes detailed suggestions and advice that you can implement in your business that day. As well as this, we’ll provide a recommended timeline of future events and meet with you to regularly review the document. This process keeps you accountable, helps you create goals and implement a plan to reach them. Together we’ll ensure you get your business to where you want it to be. This package includes all the services included in the Results package plus: 

  • Annual and Quarterly budget creation and management 
  • Set up of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and automatic alerts when those results have been achieved 
  • Cash Flow Management Reports and Forecasting 

Consolidation of multiple sub-businesses into coherent group reporting