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A healthy business relies on customers paying their invoices on time! Streamline your Debtor Management System and get paid faster. Start running your business on positive Cash Flow and stop worrying about not being paid! Imagine what your cash flow will look like if you automate your Debt Recovery process!

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Understanding Sales & Cash Flow

Healthy Cash Flow is reliant on being paid on time. Business owners often concentrate their efforts on bringing in sales. However, they shift their attention away from collecting payments.

They are doing the work, they are issuing invoices, but ultimately they are not getting paid. There’s a direct correlation between the number of failed companies and the average late payment times to those companies.

An ineffective Accounts Receivable system puts a strain on both human and financial resources. Late payments can gag your Cash Flow and force your business to seek financial assistance attached to high paying interest, whilst having to write off bad debts.

At Evolution Cloud Accounting we are committed to streamlining your Sales & Debtor Management system. First by introducing Online Invoicing and Payment options. These are powerful tools which allow you to track your invoices within your accounting software, viewing when your clients open your invoices and get paid with a click of a button.

Finally, by integrating apps to your MYOB or Xero file will help you automate your Debt Recovery Process, schedule payment reminders, and send automatic payment confirmations.

Our Sales & Debtor Services

Our goal is to help your business run in positive Cash Flow and ensure your invoices are paid on time.

We will implement an effective Debtor Management process, by providing your business with the ability to issue online invoices, chase overdue payments, accept online payments and ultimately collect your money faster. 

We can also set up and integrate ezyCollect to your MYOB or Xero software; an advanced web-based debtor management solution which automates all accounts receivables’ tasks and allows you to schedule monthly statements and payment reminders. 

Our Sales & Debtor services include: 

  • Setting up online invoicing;
  • Sending monthly statements;
  • Allocating customer payments timely and correctly;
  • Setting up online payments;
  • Setting up and integrating ezyCollect to your MYOB or Xero file.

Our Bookkeeping Packages

Top to Bottom

The Top to Bottom package is designed for those businesses who wish to delegate their bookkeeping tasks to a professional.

We can manage all your Bank Reconciliations, Accounts Receivable, Payable, Payroll, Monthly and Quarterly BAS.

We will keep you appraised at all stages of your financial situation with regular reports and advice.

We work with the latest technology and have streamlined workflows to ensure that all of these tasks are completed as smoothly as possible, with minimal time and input required on your part.

Peace Of Mind

The Peace of Mind package is designed for those businesses who wish to manage the bulk of their bookkeeping tasks in house.

However, they require the assistance of a professional to ensure their BAS is lodged correctly, including:

– Receivables & Payable Reconciliation;

– GST & PAYG-W Reconciliation;

– BAS Review / Lodgement;

– Reconciliation of the ATO Account;

– Quarterly Management Reports.

The Tough Bits

The Tough Bits package is designed for those businesses who wish to manage the bulk of their bookkeeping tasks in-house.

However, they require the expertise of a professional when they need to deal with complex bookkeeping tasks, such as:

– Purchases of Fixed Assets subject to finance
(Vehicles and Plant & Equipment);

– Complex Payroll Terminations
(Redundancies and Employment Termination Payments);

– End of Payroll Year Tasks
(Payment Summaries and Taxable Payments Annual Reports).