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Imagine being 100% paperless! Using the power of Cloud Technology, we will help you set up an efficient, 100% paperless system. So say goodbye to paperwork and hello to an online filing system, seamlessly integrated with your MYOB or Xero file.

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The Importance of Record Keeping 

Keeping and maintaining good records of transactions and tax invoices is a legal requirement for all businesses.

As the ATO requires businesses to keep records for a minimum of 5 years, it is essential to have a proper system in place to retain records. A good record-keeping process ensures a business works efficiently and stays compliant.

Using the power of Cloud Technology, we will help you set up an efficient, paperless record-keeping system, which syncs automatically to your online accounting software.

We will introduce new and innovative tools, including SmartBills and Receipt Management systems, a smarter way to manage your payables, reducing time and data entry.

All you have to do is to take a picture of the receipt from your mobile phone and voila’, it will be available for us to reconcile.

All online, no more paperwork to file!
(and yes after taking a picture, you can chuck the receipt in the bin!!!)

So, stop worrying about your books and compliance! Let us take care of your business and its financial obligations, so you can get back to what you do best: running your business!

Our Purchases & Supplier Services

As your bookkeepers, we will help you manage your payables to ensure your bills are paid by the due date, whilst your cash flow remains positive. 

Once your documents have been uploaded to your accounting system, we can help you set up and manage an effective cash flow  payable system. 

Stay on top of your payables will also help you build great relationships with your suppliers. 

Our Purchases & Supplier services include: 

  • Recording all your receipts and invoices timely in your accounting software;
  • Producing regular bills reports to keep you updated with your payables;  
  • Preparing Aged Payable reports;
  • Monitoring your cash flow, whilst ensuring your bills are still paid on time; 
  • Preparing electronic payment files for you to upload into your online banking;
  • Sending remittance advice to your suppliers;
  • Reconciling your supplier payments in your bank account.


Our Bookkeeping Packages

Top to Bottom

The Top to Bottom package is designed for those businesses who wish to delegate their bookkeeping tasks to a professional.

We can manage all your Bank Reconciliations, Accounts Receivable, Payable, Payroll, Monthly and Quarterly BAS.

We will keep you appraised at all stages of your financial situation with regular reports and advice.

We work with the latest technology and have streamlined workflows to ensure that all of these tasks are completed as smoothly as possible, with minimal time and input required on your part.

Peace Of Mind

The Peace of Mind package is designed for those businesses who wish to manage the bulk of their bookkeeping tasks in house.

However, they require the assistance of a professional to ensure their BAS is lodged correctly, including:

– Receivables & Payable Reconciliation;

– GST & PAYG-W Reconciliation;

– BAS Review / Lodgement;

– Reconciliation of the ATO Account;

– Quarterly Management Reports.

The Tough Bits

The Tough Bits package is designed for those businesses who wish to manage the bulk of their bookkeeping tasks in-house.

However, they require the expertise of a professional when they need to deal with complex bookkeeping tasks, such as:

– Purchases of Fixed Assets subject to finance
(Vehicles and Plant & Equipment);

– Complex Payroll Terminations
(Redundancies and Employment Termination Payments);

– End of Payroll Year Tasks
(Payment Summaries and Taxable Payments Annual Reports).