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At Evolution Cloud Accounting, we can help you bring your business online, by building integrated solutions to increase your business efficiency and create a paperless environment. Bring your Business Online Today!

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The Benefits of Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology represents a major step forward in the evolution of small businesses. Some of the benefits of moving your business online include: 

Safety and Security

Small businesses are the prime target for cybercrime due to their limited IT and financial resources.  With Cloud Technology, small businesses can now rely on the same safety and security available to large businesses, at an accessible cost. 

Cloud Technology eliminates the need for data backups, as the data is automatically saved in a secure data centre. So if  your computer crashes, is  lost or stolen, the most current version of the data is available securely online.

Anywhere and Anytime

Cloud technology allows businesses to access information anywhere in the world, anytime they want. Small businesses can now work from the office, home or on-site, accessing information from any device, including mobile phones.

No need for complex, costly software installations or IT networks.

Paperless Environment

Cloud Technology allows businesses to create a fully paperless office which can streamline document process and reduce storage space to store paperwork. 

Documents can now be uploaded and stored online, making it easier and effective to access for business owners, Accountants and the ATO.

Our Cloud Services

Cloud Technology can provide full automation and dynamically link multiple software applications, eliminating the requirement of duplicate data entry and improving the workflow of data between different technologies.

When working with your business we will focus on:

  • Understanding your business needs;
  • Recommending options for enhancements and reviewing cost benefits; 
  • Identifying challenges and finding the right workflows;
  • Advising on workflows which focus on task automation;
    (by assessing a range of software applications that sync with each other)
  • Setting up and integrate these solutions;
  • Providing Training and Support;
  • Performing regular process reviews; 
  • Seeking new ways to further enhance automation and efficiency.

So if you have reached the stage in your business where you are looking at cutting down admin time, moving to a paperless system, improving your workflows and automating your processes, get in touch with us and let us help you automate your business.

Our Cloud Services include:

  • Scoping for Job Management or Project Management solutions;
  • Setting up and implementing HR and Workforce Management software;
  • Syncing automatic Debtor Reminder applications;
  • Scoping for Inventory Management and E-Commerce systems.

Our Training Packages

Setup & Go

The Setup and Go package is designed for those businesses who want to take care of their bookkeeping tasks in house.

However, they don’t have the skills to choose the most suitable accounting package and to set it up correctly.

These may be start-ups or businesses who are using an old desktop accounting software and wish to transition to the cloud.


The On Site coaching package is suitable for businesses who are working with existing software packages and they may need ad hoc fine tuning, coaching or troubleshooting.

Book an appointment and have your list of questions ready for us.

We can fix issues, provide tailored training or help you out with creating workflows.

Health Check

The Health Check package audits the structure of both set up and general use of your MYOB AccountRight or Xero software to assess the integrity of your company file.

It also checks how your transactions have been entered in order to identify data discrepancies.

You will be provided comprehensive reports highlighting the status of your company file and a proposal outlining time and cost to rectify them.