Virtual CFO

Only big businesses with large profits can justify the cost of a full-time CFO. However, only an experienced CFO can provide the financial insights and strategy your business needs to succeed. Talking to your Accountant once-a-year just isn't enough! Evolution Cloud Accounting can provide you with the advice you need, without the major overheads.

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Virtual CFO Services

Our Virtual Advisory services have been developed specifically to help you drive your business more efficiently and plan your future financial resources. 

We can customise specific visual reports to show a range of metrics including profitability, efficiency, financial position and cash flow. Whether you wish to review current or historical data, or looking at building forecasts. 

We acknowledge each business is unique in their needs, therefore we provide a customised approach rather than an out of the box solution to achieve both your short and long term goals.  

We start by assessing your current performance by analysing your expense and main revenue streams.

We then work with you and teach you how to read the numbers correctly and help you to budget your resources.

Finally, we will move to Forecast and Cash Flow Projections to achieve financial growth and longevity of your business. 

We can set automatic alerts to notify you every time you hit a KPI, or when one of your expenses has reached your budget threshold, to help you keep on track with the budgets and goals we set together. 

We will schedule regular review meetings to continuously reassess your goals and Key Performance Indicators. 

Our Virtual CFO Services

We have partnered with the best Cloud-Based Business Insights software solutions on the market to give you a flexible, fully customizable and visually appealing solution, which will allow you to take your business to the next level.

These solutions seamlessly integrate with both MYOB and Xero. However, we can also customise non-financial data from other data sources (i.e. MS Excel).

They are amazing visual tools for you to get a comprehensive insight into your business.

Our Virtual CFO Services include:

  • Preparing Financial reports & analysis;
  • Preparing and assessing Cash Flow reports;
  • Setting up and reviewing KPI analysis and alerts;
  • Preparing and reviewing Budgeting & Forecasting reports.


Our Advisory Packages


There’s a lot more about your business than just looking at the numbers.

Financial reporting tells the story about your business. 

The Results package is designed to help our clients gain a better insight into their business.

Results includes the development of: 

– Intelligent visual dashboards to gain better insights on your business performance; 

– Performance reports to help you measure both your financials and non-financial metrics; 

– Quarterly meetings to help you understand your business performance and cash flow situation.


Predictions are the future of the industry, using data to forecast where your business might be in the future to give you a clearer insight into your long term plans. 

Once we’ve worked out what you want to achieve, we’ll help create the roadmap to get you there.

The Insights package includes all the services included in the Results package plus: 

– Annual and Quarterly budget creation and management; 

– Set up of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and automatic alerts when those results have been achieved; 

– Cash Flow Management Reports and Forecasting; 

– Consolidation of multiple sub-businesses into coherent group reporting. 

Review Starter

HR and Business Compliance is key to the longevity of a business. Creating and maintaining policies for your business can be a costly and time-consuming task.

The Review Starter Pack is perfect for any business that needs to quickly implement a core set of policies and procedures in the organisation.

The package includes:

– A snapshot business review to identify the required policies and procedures;

– A suite of up-to-date compliant policies and procedural templates;

– Basic review and customisation of the above template to suit your corporate values*.

* Contact us for a tailored quote, if you require a more comprehensive review and customisation of your company policies.