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Auskey to Retire on 31.03.2020, and replaced with MyGovID

By Paolo, 11.02.2020

Auskey to retire for MyGovID

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has decided to retire their original login authority AUSkey to access the ATO government services as of 31 March 2020. Businesses will need to transition to a more secure and comprehensive access system called myGovID and RAM (Relationship Authorisation Manager) by 1 April 2020.

Therefore, if your business uses an AUSkey to access the ATO online services, you will need to set up myGovID and link your Australian Business Number (ABN) using RAM. This will allow you to continue to access tax records, review Activity Statements and complete tax lodgements.

Businesses will still be able to use AUSkey until late March, however they can switch to myGovID at any time prior to the deadline.

Transition from Auskey to myGovID and RAM

The ATO has determined that usernames and passwords no longer provide sufficient security to access their portals and decided to introduce a new digital identity service which is expected to provide more comprehensive security features. The introduction of these new digital services also aims at overcoming a number of mobility and access limitations of the AUSkey, including the lack of browser compatibility and support on mobile devices.

myGovID is the new ATO digital identity credential. It is like the 100-point ID check on a smart device, and it allows users to have their identity verified. myGovID utilises encryption and cryptographic technology as well as the security features on a mobile device, such as fingerprint, face detection or password. To set up myGovID, individuals need to enter their full name, date of birth, and email address. They are also required to upload at least two forms of identification and have a choice between an Australian Passport, a state or territory-issued Driver’s Licence, an Australian Birth Certificate, or a Medicare Card. Once they have established their identity, they can use myGovID to access the ATO government services including the Business Portal, Access Manager and ABR (and many more to follow).

RAM (Relationship Authorisation Manager) is the new Australian Government authorisation service that allows businesses to set users’ access permission to the ATO online portals. RAM basically provides the connection between individuals and business entities.

ATO Resources

The ATO has developed a number of support and educational resources to help businesses transition to the new myGovID and RAM.

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