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Hubdoc Releases Duplicate Document Detection Feature

By Paolo Coniglio, 10.12.2020

Hubdoc Duplicate Document Detection

This week Hubdoc gave all their users an amazing Christmas present: the long awaited document detection feature has finally been introduced into the program.

Document Detection – how does it work?

Hubdoc will flag a duplication warning message when a document is uploaded which shows 3 common features: Supplier, Date and Amount. From the warning message, users have the ability to show the potential duplicate document(s) and decide whether to remove the duplicate document or mark the file as ‘not duplicate’ to publish it to Xero.

Hubdoc Duplicate Detection Warning

This new feature will save users time avoiding double-checking uploaded documents manually and reduce payable errors.

Hubdoc is included in most Xero’s Business Plans and can be set up directly from Xero.

View a video demonstration of the new Hubdoc duplicate document detection feature


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