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By Paolo, 13.02.2020

MYOB Teams

Managing your employees’ time effectively is now a fundamental aspect for all businesses. With the new Fair Work regulations starting on 1 March 2020, employers are now required to keep track of ALL their employees’ shifts.

Introducing MYOB Teams: a Roster and Time Tracking app which integrates seamlessly with MYOB Payroll. MYOB Teams can be installed on any iPads, tablets and smartphones and it provides the ability to:

For Employers

  1. Create Rosters
  2. Send Rosters to employees
  3. Approve Time Sheets
  4. Send Time Sheets to MYOB Payroll
  5. Approve and reject Leave Applications (future release)
  6. Employee automatic onboarding (future release)

For Employees

  1. Receive Rosters on their smartphones
  2. Clock In and Out at the start and end of their shifts
  3. Clock In and Out at the start and end of their meal breaks
  4. Access their Pay Slips
    (future release)
  5. Apply for Leave (future release)

So, say goodbye to manual timesheets and welcome to MYOB Teams

MYOB Teams will be officially launched to MYOB Clients in the next few weeks. MYOB Teams will be included in the cost of your MYOB monthly subscription.

Of course, we will be available to help you set up the App, integrate it with MYOB and provide you training on how to use it.

If you would like to know more about MYOB Teams email us at: [email protected].


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