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MYOB Upgrade Version 2020.2 is Out and It’s BIG!

By Paolo, 01.06.2020

MYOB Upgrade Version 2020.2 is Out

MYOB latest release 2020.2 is probably one of the most significant of the last few years. With this update, MYOB has changed their End of Payroll Year process and made it easier to manage.

The 2020.2 version upgrade includes the following enhancements:

  • Removal of the Closing the Payroll Year function;
  • Automatic Update of Payroll Tax Tables;
  • Ability to process adjustment pays in the previous Payroll Year
    (calculated using the correct Tax Tables);
  • Ability to process quarterly pays;
  • Ability to delete or hide Reversed Superannuation Payments.

Version 2020.2 is now available on the MYOB Download Page.


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