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Xero Releases the Business & Cash Flow Snapshot Reports

By Paolo, 01.06.2020

Xero Business & Cash Flow Snapshot Reports

The much anticipated Business Snapshot and Short Term Cash Flow Dashboard Reports have finally been rolled out to all Xero Organisations. These new features provide Xero clients and their advisors a simple, yet effective way to see how their business is performing based on a number of key financial metrics. From the existing data in Xero, the Business Snapshot and Cash Flow reports display financial data on interactive dashboards.

Business Snapshot

The Business Snapshot displays key financial metrics in a dashboard-style report of business performance and compares it with previous periods (Year, YTD, Quarter and Month). It presents key financial insights including Profitability, Efficiency, Financial Position and Cash, beautifully presented into one screen to give small businesses a high-level view of their financial performance.

Click here to view a video demonstration of the Xero Business Snapshot Report.

Short-Term Cashflow

The Short-Term Cash Flow Report is designed to help small businesses manage their cash flow more efficiently. The report provides the ability to select one or multiple bank accounts and set projection periods for either the next 7 or 30 days. The information is then displayed in key Tables and Graphs to help businesses plan their cash flow for the short term future. Finally, it provides suggestions aimed to improve the accuracy of the projections.

Click here to view a video demonstration of the Xero Short-Term Cash Flow Report

Business Snapshot and Short Term Cash Flow are part of a series of initiatives Xero is planning to release aimed to encourage small businesses to analyse their data and plan for the future using visual Dashboards and Snapshots, instead of running multiple paper reports.


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